Cloud9 Beverages

As India’s most popular energy drink brand, Cloud9 needs no further introduction. This pioneer company sells a colossal range of refreshing energy drinks as well as carbonated and fresh fruit-based beverages.

With its unique utilisation of cutting-edge technology and its extensive expertise in this market, the all-Indian Cloud9 brand has separated itself from the competitors throughout the years. Cloud9 drinks are sold in over 30,000 stores and 5,000 wine shops across the nation. This nourishing & exquisite drinks could be found in some of the country’s most exclusive hotels, restaurants, and pubs. Cloud9 has ascended to become the second-largest player in the Indian energy drink industry in just a few years.


Cloud 9 beverages wanted to increase their reach, engagement and impresssion on social media of packaged drinking water and carbonated drink alongwith this, they wanted to design brand identity for their new SKU Fruttu which are packed juices.[/ts_text_block]


Brand Identity, Social Media and Packaging


2020 – Present