What is Content Marketing? – A Comprehensive Guide

An oft used term, content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of brand promotion materials such as videos, blogs, infographics and social media posts

The Role of Content Marketing

Analytics prove that brands implementing the right content marketing strategy have six times higher conversions. Yet there are not many brands out there who understand the full potential content can play in their campaigns. Content Marketing educates the customer certain product / service offered by the brand which eventually influences the customers buying pattern. You cannot succeed in Marketing without great content, hence content marketing should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy, regardless of the type of marketing strategies you employ. Additional benefits are also offered by content marketing, which supports many digital marketing platforms:

  • Social Media Marketing: Before you plan your social media strategy, invest time & effort in building a content marketing strategy
  • SEO: Publishing quality content consistently gives you good results in your SEO activity
  • PPC: PPC wont yield good results for you if the content is not targeted right
  • Inbound Marketing: The right content is key to driving inbound traffic and leads

Does Content Marketing Help?

Sure as Hell! Content means different things to different people, make sure you are communicating the right information to your target audience. Content should be engaging, informative and amusing too. While writing content piece always remember 80-20 rule, which states that 80% of the content needs to be informative helping customers understand your product/services and 20% should be product / service promotion, wherein you tell the customer reading the piece where & how to buy the product/ service.

To Sum it up,

Content Marketing is important because it :

1. Builds relationships, help to gain trust and build Brand
2. Leads to Conversions
3. Improves SEO
4. Displays your expertise on the subject
5. Increases your ROI

Content Marketing can applied at :

1. Infographics
2. Websites
3. Videos
4. Blogs
5. Press Releases
6. Directory Listings

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